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Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure 1.3.0.KG

Choose your hero (a mad scientist, a sharpshooter or a master of the Blade of Chaos), who will have to save humanity from radioactive contamination by fighting mutant animals!


Explore the lost cities of the Earth, engage in battles with monsters that kidnap people around the world that has changed beyond recognition. Hone unique skills within the developed class system and improve your weapons to get the most powerful blade, laser rifle or gauntlet emitting energy.


Radiation emissions led to the end of the world! Now the world has been taken over by a horde of mutants. Only a squad of superheroes led by Jack can save the world from the invasion of the sheep race from outer space. The world is close to destruction — the war has covered a much larger territory than Jack expected. Find secret passages using keys and bombs and free prisoners in each sector! If you want to survive this nuclear adventure, you will need to build a headquarters combined with a laboratory where you can discover skills, research technologies and improve your equipment.


  • An adventure game consisting of more than 200 levels in which you neutralize mutant animals around the world.
  • Develop characters of three different classes (Fighter, Shooter and Scientist) at your discretion and use their unique skills to recapture the world from mutant monsters.
  • Collect companions, rescue them from captivity in lost cities, train them and defeat legendary boss monsters together.
  • You will travel to various places where you will meet many partners who can help in battle or explore a dangerous region for enemies or resources.
  • Explore the open game world at your own pace, going through old missions again to get resources or find new partners, or hurry forward, stopping only for important missions, and save the world in record time!
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