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Lingvo Live 1.38.4

Lingvo Live is a social application with free online access to dictionaries and other useful features for everyone who is more or less familiar with foreign languages.



  • More than 130 online dictionaries for 14 languages, 6,100,000 dictionary entries
  • "People's Dictionary" based on user translations
  • The ability to ask the translation from the users of the application
  •  The ability to answer users' questions and offer their own translation options
  • Evaluating and commenting on translations

Today, in the application, you can find the exact translation of words and phrases in licensed Lingvo dictionaries, find out the opinion of the community, including professional translators, and help other users choose the most successful meaning. The latest version of the translator Lingvo Live download for android.

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  • Program version: 1.34
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  • Program version: 1.18
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