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Rambler.Mail is a great mailbox for any android gadget. Visually, the program is characterized by simplicity, strict style and conciseness. No extra windows, arrows, inscriptions – everything is clear and unified. This style will look great in any interface, but it is especially suitable for business people and businessmen, for whom mail is mainly working communication.

The functionality is common, the ability to create rules and sort emails pleases. Mail folders are standard, the developers have not created anything supernatural – just a high-quality and lightweight client. I would especially like to note that you can use not only a Rambler account, but also another one, several of them are supported. This allows you to conveniently store all your emails in one place and not use different clients. In most programs of this type, the function of using multiple boxes is simply terrible – there is no question of any comfort of use. In Rambler.We were able to bring this opportunity to the ideal, it's really nice to use it.

Naturally, there are Push notifications and many other small "buns". Spam protection is quite effective (even strange) and really well shields the mailbox from advertising heresy, which is periodically sent out from a wide variety of sources.



  • Interesting and stylish interface;
  • Lots of functions;
  • Convenient correspondence management;
  • Easy installation and setup;
  • The ability to combine multiple accounts;
  • High speed operation and excellent stability.


This program can be safely recommended to anyone who is looking for a simple and at the same time functional working tool for their correspondence. Its capabilities fully cover the needs of the average user and allow emails to remain what they are – a tool for work and business correspondence. The latest version of the app Rambler.Mail download for android.

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