Cooperation Options

End-to-end advertising on all pages of the site:

1. Right side banner (200X600) — under the "your phone" block;

2. The left side banner (200X600) is under the "help" block.


Placing ads under the paginator:

3. The central banner under the paginator (730X90).
Paginator — page numbering: 1,2,3, etc.
Posted on the pages: home, application catalog, application lists, mobile devices, manufacturers

Placing ads on the download page of the application, mobile device:

4. The central banner on the application page under the text (468X60);


5. The central banner on the application page under the pictures (730X90).

Placement and promotion of the application in the catalog.
It is possible to pin your application in the required section of the site.
- Weekly pinning to the first place of your game in the "games" section;
- Monthly assignment to the first place of your program in the "programs" section;
- Placement of the application in the catalog with output to the main page, without pinning.



Statistics for August 2014, according to Liveinternet:
General statistics:
Views - 13,606,324
Visitors - 1,818,720

Statistics of traffic from search engines:

Yandex - 1,642,769
Google - 894,304 - 87,647

Statistics of transitions by operating systems:

Android - 49.5%
Windows 7 - 30.7%
Windows XP - 8.7%

Percentage by country:

Russia - 66.9%
Ukraine - 15.5%
Kazakhstan - 6.2%


Access to LiveInternet statistics can be obtained with personal approval.


For all questions, write to the mail: admin (dog)

To receive a prompt response, specify in the letter:
1. type of placement;
2. link to the advertised site;
3. the preliminary cost for a week or a month;
4. examples of placing similar ads on other sites.


We do not accept banners containing or leading to resources:
- violating the legislation of the Russian Federation;
- erotic content;
- advertising products or services of questionable content, especially for payment by SMS.