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GTA San Andreas 2.00 без кэша

The famous GTA San Andreas game for Android is a real cult for many players from all over the world. Back the main character will be Carl Johnson, who managed to escape from the dark Los Angeles, which is mired in street warfare and drugs. All fans of shooters and all kinds of shooters will be very happy with everything that is happening on their phones. But, even despite the abundance of shooting and blood, this toy cannot be attributed to a shooter. It mixes many popular genres of modern games and quests.


In the game you will meet a huge number of tasks that will be associated with gangsters, corrupt police, drugs and corruption in power. After all, you will act exactly in the 90s in America. It was at this time that corrupt police officers appeared in the United States, who covered criminals for numerous crimes. That's what you're going to fight. In the game you can move absolutely freely, drive any car and walk around the big city. The control will take place using the buttons and the joystick of the mobile phone.


The main task for you will be almost to free the whole of Los Angeles from criminals of different stripes. In graphics, it is very attractive. All locations are made quite qualitatively and clearly, the game has bright textures, and each character is drawn in order to match the real person as much as possible.


Among the key features of GTA San Address for Android are the following:

  • improved graphics, detailed effects and models of the main characters of the game;
  • added support for game syncing, color palette and cloud service;
  • Two analog joysticks can now be used as controls;
  • There was an Immersion feedback system;
  • Customizable control buttons with a context menu have appeared;
  • Tincture of graphics for different platforms.


GTA supports all popular European languages. It's easy enough to install it on your mobile device. It is advisable to close all open applications before the first launch of the application, since it will initially require a lot of virtual memory. When you restart it, you won't need it anymore. The latest version of the game GTA San Andreas download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.00 без кэша
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