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Minecraft Pocket Edition is almost no different from the usual "full-format" version. Programmers have made friends with the application with the mobile android platform, now we can take our favorite toy with us on the road. The familiar retro style, the convenience of simplicity and casualness of the Minecraft game are carefully preserved. Porting has successfully changed the weight of the application, now it takes up even less disk space.

The graphics of the game are deliberately rude, because the visual was never the main feature of this game. The gamer gets another, not contemplative pleasure, but pleasure from the process of creation. The duality of destruction and creation is the main feature. I broke a tree – I made boards, I crumbled boards – I got sawdust, also applicable for good.

Another advantage of the game is its uniqueness. The world on each screen is completely unique, as it is randomly generated. In the future, the user creates his own universe from ready-made or created blocks. The properties of the modules are similar to real ones and therefore intuitive: strength, flammability, transparency, etc.

The administration recommends trying to download the Minecraft game for android both the original version and with various mods and check which option will seem more comfortable to you. In addition, the Russian language is also available in modifiers.

Features of the game on android:

  • The consistency of the graphics is compensated by sound. In the Pocket edition, as in the "big" original, there are no exquisite soundtracks. But the voiceover of all movements has been worked out: steps, blows sound extremely organically with the actions of the gamer.
  • Virtual joystick control. Overview – moving around the screen. To put a block – select it from the menu and click in the right place. Smash – keep your finger on an object, but a durable object is destroyed longer.
  • A sociable user will appreciate multiplayer over Wi-Fi.

First: it is strictly recommended to protect yourself. Before the intervention, a backup of the experimental file.

Second: there is no app on the Market (no problem!). Third: the user should take care of the router rights. The latest version of the shooting game Minecraft download for android.

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