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Subway Surfers 2.34.0

Subway Surfers for Android is a world-famous race for your mobile phones or tablets. You will need to help Jake, by all means, get rid of annoying pursuers and get to your destination on time. The game has a lot of dynamics and it requires the player to constantly actively move. In the game you will jump, run, drive at high speed and much more.

The whole control process in the Subway Surfers game on android takes place using a joystick. As an auxiliary material, you will be given a surfboard, a jet briefcase and many other useful tools with which you will have to cope with a lot of interesting tasks. Subway Surf has a very attractive design, the graphics are very bright. Media and graphics immediately attract attention with their gameplay and excellent musical accompaniment.

This time in Subway New York for Android, the main character of the game gets to the city of New York, which is fraught with many secrets and hidden possibilities. This time the main character of the game will have to travel not only on the ground, but also in the subway and even over the roofs of high-rise buildings. You will be constantly chased by the police in the game. Among the highlights of this toy are the following:

  • Tony's new character;
  • dynamic line of play;
  • bright graphics;
  • lots of interesting tasks;
  • freedom of action of the main character.

Running through the big and wide streets of York, you can leave graffiti drawings on the walls of different blocks, but do not forget that the police will constantly be watching you. After completing several levels, the game will open up more and more new locations that will be full of interesting missions and unexpected plot twists.

The process of installing the Subway Surf game on Android is quite simple, just download the distribution of the software product, unpack it on your mobile device and start the installation process. It will be simply impossible to break away from such a dynamic and exciting gameplay. For all fans of interesting simulators and runners, the toy will appeal. So you can start exploring New York, try to make friends with Tony and decorate all new streets with interesting graffiti. The latest version of the arcade Subway Surfers download for android.

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