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Baseus is Rolling Out a 67W GaN Hybrid Hub Charger

For the past months, Baseus has consecutively come up with different hybrid chargers and
power strips


Baseus 2-in-1 Versatile Car Jump Starter

With the fast development of the car manufacturing industry, enormous demand for automobile accessories 


Overview of Baseus WM02 Wireless Headphones

Baseus has long had a reliable reputation as a manufacturer of chargers.

Overview of the Baseus Dual Wireless Charger for iPhone

There are at least two smartphones in the modern family.

Overview of the Baseus 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

In the modern world, everyone has several gadgets: a smartphone, wireless headphones, a wireless watch. 

New powerful chargers from Baseus for Apple devices

Baseus has released three new chargers designed for fast charging of the new Apple laptop and other powerful devices.

Review of the new Baseus Bowie M2 Wireless headphones

Today we will review the new Baseus Bowie M2 wireless headphones. The model is packed in a stylish large box. 

Overview of chargers from Baseus
  • 24 January 2023. answered

Overview of chargers from Baseus

there are 2 chargers from Baseus company in the review

Palm will return to the market in 2018, most likely on Android OS.

The Palm brand, bought by TLC, plans to release new gadgets in 2018!

Samsung galaxy s8 – impressions after 2 months of use.

Samsung galaxy s8 - briefly described the main pros and cons of the device!

In general, I liked it, but do not forget about the disadvantages either...

Android 8.0 "Oreo" - what's new?
  • 16 October 2017. Updated

Android 8.0 "Oreo" - what's new?

Overview of key changes in the new version of Android.

The price of the new smartphone Meizu ME5 Pro has been named

Premium flagships of the Chinese company will be announced this year and will delight customers not only with high-tech stuffing, but also with prices.

Lenovo Vibe S1 will come out with a dual front-facing selfie camera?!

Back in February, there were extensive leaks about new Lenovo devices thanks to @upleaks, as new photos of the Vibe S1 smartphone have recently appeared, where judging by the photos, there are two cameras for selfies!

The Samsung SM-G9198 clamshell smartphone has been released!

Korean giant Samsung is increasing its range, bringing out the most powerful clamshell smartphone on Android!

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