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My Talking Angela

Talking Angela will test your knowledge in quizzes with new questions. To start the quiz, type any of these commands in the dialog box: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz.

Spend time with Angela in Paris, the city of love and style! Behave courteously to her and treat her like a princess, because if you look at the truth, she IS a princess.

Talk to her, buy her gifts and pick up her wardrobe. You can even smile at her or show your tongue (but they don't behave like that with a real lady)!

She is not alone in the city, familiar faces will periodically appear, but in a completely different role!


- Stroke the Talking Angela and she will be very pleased.
- Use the "Gift" button to buy drinks, accessories, clothes, cosmetics, etc.
- Use the "Heart" button so that Angela can read your prediction from the cookie.
- Use the "Hanger" button to go to Angela's wardrobe and change her appearance.
- Use the "Face" button to turn on the front camera and communicate with Angela using facial expressions (nod or shake your head, smile, yawn or show her tongue).


- The “Face” button is missing on low-end devices (single-core processor) and on devices without a front-facing camera.


- You can only talk to Angela in ENGLISH.
- Click on the text box to start a conversation.
- Type text using the keyboard OR dictate words.
- Angela will answer in English using text and voice.
- Start the quiz by typing any of these commands in the dialog box: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz.
- You can talk to Angela on a variety of topics: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets, etc.
- Use commands such as: sing to me (sing for me), tell me a joke (tell a joke), etc. The latest version of the game My Talking Angela download for android.

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