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The Sims 5.68.1

The Sims FreePlay for Android is an exciting game that has managed to appeal to many players after a long time since the release of its first version. In this toy, we have to build our own villa and try to live in it as long as possible. Why try? – yes, because neighbors, annoying friends and passers-by will constantly come to visit us, who will try to evict us from a luxurious house.


In the Sims Free Play media entertainment for Android , there are the following characteristics:

  • Interesting plot;
  • Attractive graphics;
  • Non-standard development of the storyline;
  • Flexible settings.


As for the graphics, everything is done at the proper level. You will be pleased with the color scheme, as well as the animation and physics of the movement of the heroes. There will be 7 cities here, representatives of each will want to sit in a comfortable chair at your home. The whole landscape of the game will remind you of Las Vegas. In Sims, you will be able to engage in battle with a variety of monsters and enemies. Feel free to download and install this game on your mobile device right now to test your strength building your own Vegas in the middle of the jungle or desert. There are no advertising banners in the toy, which of course pleases all of us. The latest version of the game The Sims download for android.

Features: 3D Online HD Donat

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  • Game version: 5.68.1
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