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Play Market 29.6.15-19

Google Play is one of the world's largest app stores. The latest version of the Play Market app for Android is now available to every user. In 2020, the developed digital distribution service from a well–known international search engine was able to prepare a unique offer for its customers - almost 3 million programs. The number of people who regularly use the services of this store amounted to 2.5 billion.

The special service has gained huge popularity among many Android users around the world. The free apk of Google Play Market can be installed in a few minutes. The Google service offers various paid and free utilities that benefit millions of people on Earth. They are available to representatives of more than 145 states.

Today, it is almost impossible to meet a smartphone owner who does not have a popular store installed on his phone. He helped turn a mobile phone into a real and irreplaceable assistant in life.

By deciding to download google play market for android, each end user will be able to get the following benefits:

  1. A wide range of mobile applications.
  2. Development and deployment of various programs for Android.
  3. Establishing a fast connection with the content.
  4. There are many applications that you can use for free.

The desire to download the play market for android will allow you to access a diverse and huge content of books, magazines, music recordings, TV shows, movies. The current total number of categories in Google Play is 34. The latest version of the widget on the desktop Play Market download for android.

Download Play Market on android

  • Program version: 29.6.15-19
  • Downloaded: 8071
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  • Program version: 20.2.09
  • Downloaded: 45893
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  • Program version: 19.7.12
  • Downloaded: 25027
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Suitable for Android 4.1+

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