Download games and apps on 3Q

Initially, the company was founded as a manufacturer of hard drives and drives for CD and DVD. But seven years later, the company already produces several types of tablets, iPods, various laptops and other equipment. The brand name is still a mystery to many, but most are inclined to the version of the origin of the name from the American word "quality". Apparently, the technology of this company really inspires confidence. 3Q tablet computers amaze with their unusual design, and some models are trimmed with genuine leather.  Some of the products are assembled in Russia, there is an assembly shop in the Moscow region.


Over time, the company brings to the market not only technical innovations, but also a variety of accessories: cases, accessories and headsets. Despite the fact that the company began to produce tablet computers only in 2010, the quality is quite satisfactory to consumers in combination with a favorable price. Three years later, 3Q became the leader in the production of tablets on the Qualcomm platform.  Cooperation with leading companies in the field of technical innovations allows us to bring new models of tablet computers to the market with enviable regularity. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for 3Q.