Download games and apps on DNS

In the 1990s, there was a situation in Russia when many people lost their jobs. Trying to find their place in life and adapt to new market conditions, a group of 10 people in Vladivostok decided to engage in a computer business that was fashionable at that time. Before the default of 1998, they served a narrow circle of customers, but after the fall of the ruble, they decided to reach a mass buyer. So the company got the name "DNS" ("Digital Network System"), and the first store for the sale and assembly of computers was opened in Vladivostok. Gradually, their production is expanding due to equipment for the household needs of ordinary people.


Since 2005, the owners of DNS have been opening their stores in other cities not only in Primorsky Krai, but also beyond its borders. Gradually, the company becomes known throughout Russia. In 2012, the owners opened their first factory for the assembly and production of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, media players. Based on the Android operating system, this company produces compact mobile devices: tablets, smartphones and media players, to which you can easily download applications from the Play Store. These devices are in demand among buyers, because they cost much less than similar products of well-known brands, and they are not inferior in functionality to them. To keep up with the times, the company opens online stores "TechnoPoint". With their help, you can make orders yourself. Currently, DNS is one of the leaders in the Russian computer technology market and recommends itself as a manufacturer of reliable computers and mobile devices. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for DNS.