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This short logo is the world-famous abbreviation of the American company Hewlett-Packard, which supplies printers, scanners, copiers and other products designed for work in the office or at home. The head office of the company is located in the small American town of Palo Alto in California.


W. Hullet and D. Packard, young graduates of Stanford University in 1934, decide to open their own company and give it a name in accordance with their surnames. The goal of their company at that time was this: to produce technically functional equipment, for example, generators. The popularity and demand for their first generator gave them the opportunity to establish themselves in the correctness of their choice. Gradually, the company expanded its borders, and after the end of the war, its founders opened their own factory.


And in 1966, it was here that the first small computer appeared, and in 1968 – a calculator. So little by little the owners of the company developed more and more new devices, until in 1984 they switched to the production of printers. This is how well-known HP printers appeared - the most reliable.


The company "HP" is also working on the creation and development of computers on its own operating system "webOS". But in 2013, the first HP Slate tablet on the Android platform appeared, the performance of which was recognized by the company's management as the most functional. The next releases of mobile computers are also based on this operating system. In 2014, Hewlett-Packard launches the release of all-in-one computers based only on the Android platform. These monoblocks will be available for purchase in spring 2014. Thus, the company's management officially recognizes the superiority of the most common system over its own.


Currently, the founders of the company have long been dead, but the company continues to lead the world, occupying leading positions in the supply of office equipment. The company's engineers have numerous developments and discoveries on their account. HP has official representative offices all over the world, and its products are one of the most popular on the world market. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for HP.

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