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The Russian company MTS stands for its name as "Mobile Telesystems" and is the leading mobile operator throughout the country. In addition to this basic service, the company provides other services related to digital and cable TV, wired telephone communication, etc. The company's head office is located in Moscow.


Its creation is connected with the development and promotion of the GSM-900 communication standard in Russia. In 1992, the united company "Mobile Moscow" won a competition for a license to provide cellular communication services. In 1993, this company took a new name "MTS". Since 1997, MTS has been marching all over Russia, obtaining licenses for its activities or buying companies with such licenses.

Gradually, the number of its subscribers is getting higher and higher and reaches several million people. This is facilitated by the development of new tariffs that significantly simplify communication.


The company is starting to offer its customers not only communication services, but also mobile devices: phones, smartphones, iPhones. The basic basis of smartphones and iPhones is the Android platform of modern versions. Mobile devices are gaining their segment of buyers due to reliability and affordability. Currently, MTS is an extensive company that actively provides cellular communication services, constantly expanding its field of activity due to the growing demand and the desire to keep up with the times. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for MTC.

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