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Currently, this company is one of the three leading mobile operators and traces its history back to 1993. Then the North-Western GSM cellular communication company was formed in St. Petersburg, based on a Russian-foreign partnership. When the company begins to go beyond the Leningrad region and provide its services in Russia, the question arises about changing its name. So in 2002, OJSC MegaFon appeared, which includes an association of numerous mobile operators. The number of its subscribers at that time was several times less than that of other leading operators. However, the company does not give up its positions and directs all its assets to create high-quality and affordable communication. So the number of its subscribers begins to grow steadily. The company supports them with various promotions: free calls under certain conditions, low cost of Internet traffic, etc.


MegaFon was one of the first to master the GSM 900/1800 system, and then 3G, providing its customers with the possibility of video calls and reliable and inexpensive Internet access. In 2010, the company occupies a leading position as the leading mobile operator among the population according to the results of the popular vote. In 2014, the company became the general partner and official operator of the Olympic Games in Sochi.


To date, the company provides various communication services and produces its own phones, smartphones and tablets on the Android platform at a fairly attractive price, for example, the MegaFon Login SP A1 smartphone. The company has a special application "Service Guide" that allows you to work from mobile devices on the Android platform via a web channel in a self-service system.


So, MegaFon today is one of the most popular companies providing cellular communication services throughout Russia and abroad, having its representative offices in almost every Russian city. In addition, the smartphones produced have already gained popularity among buyers due to reliability, versatility and price. The company is constantly expanding the range of manufactured equipment, offering various popular innovations, for example, GPS-navigator, landline phones, video cameras, etc. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Megafon.

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