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This company is a subsidiary of the well-known global brand "BBK Electronics", specializing in OEM assembly of electronic products for various companies. In 1995, the managers of this company decided to enter the world market with their products under a new brand. Its name becomes "OppO", which has a twofold meaning.: 1) from the English "opportunity", which means opportunity; 2) from the ancient Greek "oppo" translates as "good friends". The official representative office of OPPO Electronics is located in Gwangdong, China.


At first, only phones were among the devices produced by this company, but in the same 1995, electronic "readers", dictionaries and computers designed for students appeared in a number of new products. In 1997, the company decided to manufacture video and audio devices. Gradually, the products of this company are becoming more popular among users who like the quality and low cost of electronic devices.


Then "OppO" begins to open its offices and representative offices around the world. In 2004, the American branch of OPPO Digital, Inc. opened in California. The manufactured products are becoming popular in America, because the high quality, service and reasonable price of the company's products do not leave indifferent both ordinary customers and many companies that prefer the products of this particular company.

Currently, the company supplies various electronics to the market: DVD, MP3, Blu-ray players and smartphones, which are represented by a fairly large model range. All smartphones are based on the Android operating system, for which special applications are already presented on the official website of the company. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for OppO.

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