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In 2003, PiPO Technology, a company associated with digital technologies, appeared on the Chinese market. Its head office is located in Hong Kong, while the production itself is realized in Shenzhen. On the way of their formation, the company's managers are first engaged in OEM production for abroad. The list of their products includes popular audio players, e-books and digital frames. OEM production means that the company's workers assemble the named products from finished parts and deliver them to the foreign market under a foreign brand. Since 2010, the leaders of PiPO Technology have decided to assemble tablets, the demand for which is growing stronger all over the world. And since 2011, the company has practically switched only to creating tablets under its own brand and gradually occupies a leading position among the world's famous brands of mobile computers.


Currently, there are more than three dozen varieties of the model range in the list of tablets of this company. Models are constantly being updated and improved. PiPO Technology is trying to keep up with the times, so its engineers use some of the newest technological developments in their tablets. One of them is the assembly of mobile devices based on the Android operating system. However, huge competition contributes not only to the low cost of high-tech mobile devices, but also to the so-called "raw firmware" of the devices and some shortcomings. As a result, some tablet models enter the market incomplete and only undergo the necessary modernization during the operational period.


The company officially cooperates with the company "RockChip", which produces computer processors. Their cooperation is mutually beneficial and contributes to the promotion of both companies. Currently, PiPO Technology tablets are among the most popular around the world, because they are not inferior to world brands in terms of their capabilities, and at a price they become available to almost any user. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for PiPo.

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