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In 2012 , at the popular exhibition of mobile phones in the NewAn interesting instance of the Plum Mobile Migh smartphone with an original interface was presented in Orleans "CTIA 2012". The organizers, guests, and participants were pleasantly surprised by the competitive ability of the new American company for the production of communicators "Plum Mobile". 

Phones of this brand have attracted everyone's attention with modern design, diversity, innovative approach and low cost. The difference between Plum Mobile and other companies is that, according to the directorAccording to Sam Hussein, all phone designs are aimed at the average consumer, who has the right to choose between push-button and touch, as well as between mobile operators. Therefore, almost all models of "drain" support 2 SIM cards. The first "plum" devices were released back in 2011: push-button models of unusual design. Gradually, the company expanded its capabilities, moving to the release of modern touch devices, among which there are even tablets at present.

For example, the Coach Plus II model has a large 6-inch screen and supports 4G connectivity. Manufacturers have provided a rough back surface and an 8 MP camera. The Pilot Plus model has a slightly smaller size, but at the same time supports 4G and replaces the camera. The 5-inch Migh Plus is designed for a female audience, so it is quite comfortable in a gentle palm. Slick, Ram, Boot push-button devices are relevant for children and the elderly. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Plum.