Download games and apps on Archos

The Archos company was founded in 1988 and specialized in the production of players. She was one of the first to produce such devices, but they could not defeat the market leaders because of their simple design. With the development of production, Archos brings tablets to the markets that are able to work with a huge amount of information. And already in 2010, it releases its first cell phone. However, the world will never see this model, because the company failed to reach an agreement with mobile operators.


Archos appeared in Russia in 1998, but mainly supplies computer components. The company entered the wide market only when it adapted its multimedia devices and translated them into Russian. The main products of this company are tablet computers and e-books. But on the market you can find excellent inexpensive phones from Archos, and some models are even adapted for home use. The home handset can display the subscriber's photos and supports many interesting functions. And only in 2013 the Archos company presents its cell phones, which will be sold on the Russian market. The company decided to distribute its phones at low prices, but their design and functions are almost the same as more expensive models. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Archos.