Download games and apps on ASUS

In China, many digital device manufacturing companies were founded by engineers from larger and more successful firms. So it happened with ASUS, which was founded in 1989. Initially, the company produced chipsets and motherboards, but such an assortment did not allow them to conquer world markets. For this purpose, the company's engineers have invented a special motherboard and are starting to supply technical information for these devices.


After ASUS gained a foothold in the market, its product line began to expand. Despite the fact that the company focuses on the production of computer equipment, it has a separate direction – consumer electronics. In 2007, the company launched the first smartphones on the UK market that have a wide range of functions. Two years later, the company creates an alliance with a major manufacturer of navigators to work together on new models of mobile phones.  These models should be based on the function of determining the current position of the user and have a more advanced map display system. Thanks to such cooperation, new phones with a large set of functions and improved navigation appear on the market.  ASUS is also introducing many new products with features, such as fingerprint recognition. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for ASUS.