Download games and apps on Explay

Explay was founded very recently, in 2005. The main activity of the company is the sale and maintenance of various electronic devices. But already today, several types of digital products are being produced under the company name Explay. The Russian company continues to develop new devices that are manufactured in China. However, there is another company with a similar name, which is based in Israel.


It was this corporation that developed a small projector that should be used in phones. Often in Russia they consider these companies as one and confuse them with honey. But in fact, these are not related enterprises in any way. Explay is constantly announcing new smartphones that appear on the market. It was this company that was the first to introduce phones with three SIM cards to the market and continues to use a variety of new developments on its products. The desire for everything new is also indicated in the main slogan of the company: "The desire for new things together with Explay". New products from the company appear on the market every two weeks and specialists monitor consumer preferences in each segment of the product line. Usually, the development of technology takes no more than six months, but one of the first models with three SIM cards was tested for eight months. The employees traveled to different regions of the country and checked the performance of the model on different equipment. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Explay.