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Highscreen is the name of the trademark that was purchased by the Russian company "Vobis Computer". Initially, this brand belonged to a German company, under which quite common tablet computers were produced. At first, this company supplied only modified gadgets from Taiwanese manufacturers on the market. Since 2009, the company has been actively developing the Highscreen brand in the Russian market. To do this, the Highscreen company began to supply a line of smartphones to the market under its own name. The first Android-based smartphone was delivered by Highscreen, even earlier than the NTS for two months.


Three years later, the cheapest smartphone appeared on the market, and in 2010 the first hybrid tablet with two screens was an absolute novelty of that time. The first tablet with a call function was also delivered by Highscreen, which is a whole year earlier than the sales of the famous Samsung Galaxy Note were announced. It seems that the Highscreen company is constantly bringing new products with the latest developments to the market and is trying to beat its competitors in the Russian market. Despite this, the prices for cell phones and smartphones from Highscreen are not as high as those of competitors, which allows them to maintain customer loyalty. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Highscreen.

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