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This Taiwanese company has been specializing in the production of smartphones and tablet computers since 1997. Initially, smartphones were on the Windows platform, but later the company switched to Android, which is popular among consumers. HTC itself is part of a group of companies that specialize in promoting the Andriod platform, which explains the transition to this type of phone. Initially, HTC was engaged in the production of laptops, pocket computers, but with the advent of a promising direction of smartphones, it directed its efforts there.


The company's developments led to the release of the first touchscreen device in 1998. Many computer companies were HTC's key customers, and since 2001 the company has been supplying phones for mobile operators. Cellular companies sold HTC phones under their own brand, which is why this brand was so unpopular on the Russian market until recently. Since 2006, the company has decided to promote its products under a single HTC brand and released the world's first Windows Mobile smartphone. Already in 2011, a communicator that supports a three-dimensional image appeared on the market. Today, the NTS brand has already become recognizable in the Russian market and has won its fans. Choose a phone or smartphone from the catalog and download games, programs, themes and designs for your HTS for free.

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