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For twenty-five years, this company has been pleasing its beloved consumers. The organization produces computer tablets under the Terra brand, and also officially represents Wortmann AG, a German IT company that develops advanced technologies in the field of mobile communications. Magic products are the peak of what should be in a modern smartphone. The combination of advantages is the main trump card of the company. With such an android smartphone, you will always be in touch, you will be able to contact your loved ones and relatives, and you will also be pleased with the huge battery charge of this equipment.


In addition, Magic offers us portable electronic tablets of high quality. With such a device, you will definitely not get bored. The sensor there is made first-class, and the sensations of sensory page-turning in the system are very smooth, and look spectacular. The updated android system gives you the opportunity to download and install advanced applications that help not only at work, but also at school. And all this is practically free! You haven't seen such performance yet.


No wonder the company is called Magic, which in Russian means "magic". Their products are really magical, because they work very stably, are constantly updated, and are also available for absolutely any wallet. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Magic.

Games and applications for Magic

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