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The OLT company appeared quite recently, and is not yet quite popular among the Russian consumer. However, they can offer us such equipment as portable tablets and smartphones with full confidence and ambition. Anyway, the entire product line has passed a serious test for use in our conditions. Tablets combine all the necessary qualities, without which it will be quite difficult for a modern person, an entrepreneur, to work. A high–quality sensor, a large battery charge, an excellent operating system - you will find all this in OLT tablets.


A modern person simply needs to always be in touch. Internet access from their tablets is very fast due to the powerful antenna installed. The internal components are powerful enough to run an advanced application. The design is convenient, the devices are very comfortable in the hands, and do not cause discomfort when working. And this is not all the intentions of OLT. They independently develop new technical solutions, which they present at numerous exhibitions, and take into account all the nuances from critics.


OLT dictate the fashion themselves, and follow it, which shows us the serious ambitions and intentions of the developer company.  Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for OLT.

Games and applications for OLT

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