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How to disable paid SMS

  • 16 October 2017 - 1:18. Updated

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Very often, mobile phone owners begin to notice the loss of a certain amount of money from their account, which occurs daily. There may be several reasons. The most common of them are:

1) the operator of mobile systems has connected a paid service that the owner of the phone does not know about;

2) the child accidentally manipulated the phone, which caused the loss of funds;

3) it is possible that a Trojan virus has got into the phone, which sends SMS to numbers requiring payment.


In this case, there are two antivirus programs for owners of Android phones: Dr. Web and LBE Security Master. Dr. Web is a mobile version of the well–known computer antivirus. LBE Security Master does not allow applications to independently perform any actions for which the program requests the permission of the owner.


For those who have a mobile device on another platform (any other, except Android), the following option is suitable: you will need to call your mobile operator and find out the circumstances of the loss of funds. Perhaps you just need to disable a few paid services and connect free ones.




To avoid unauthorized SMS messages to owners of phones with MTS SIM cards, you need to activate the "Content Ban" service. This program does not allow the phone to send and receive SMS and MMS, as well as make calls to short numbers, most often used as paid. The "Content ban" has a number of exceptions that relate to toll-free short numbers that are used to connect any services, to issue information, to get various settings, etc. To connect such a service, you need to come to the MTS office or contact the operator by phone.

The key combination * 152 *2#, typed on a mobile phone, will allow you to check the availability of paid services for those connected to MTS, as well as disable them.




Beeline has the function of managing the sending and receiving of SMS related to short paid numbers, called "Stop content (black and white lists)". This function does not restrict the use of various social or commercial services, receiving SMS from Beeline itself. Connects this function number 0858. You can also activate the "Prohibition of promotions", which will exclude the possibility of using the services provided after the free period automatically on a paid basis. The number 0611 will let you know about the connection of possible paid services.




The connected Stop-Content service of Megafon SIM card holders will block SMS sending to paid numbers. To connect it, you need to call 0500.


But if the money is withdrawn, and the owner of the mobile phone understands that he was deceived, you need to contact the office of your mobile company with a claim and an application for a refund of the lost funds.


Memo: how to avoid phone fraud


1) You need to be sure that SMS notification about any action is sent not by a mobile operator, but by scammers. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify with your operator: is the offer to send an SMS or call a short number really a promotion of a cellular company.

2) When a message comes about the connection of a new service, fraudsters can write a large price for the day, and at the same time they write about the monthly use. So a person, by sending an SMS with a request to connect for a month, does not pay the specified amount per day, but the entire cost for 30 calendar days.


3) Currently, pages on social networks are often hacked and on behalf of friends they ask for help and send SMS to a short number. You should never believe this, because friends are not engaged in extorting money.


4) Be sure to check which paid services are connected at this time by contacting your operator.


5) There are cases when SMS messages come with an Internet link to MMS. Following such links, phone owners will not notice how they catch a Trojan virus and will be surprised that a certain amount of money regularly disappears from their account.


6) There may be situations when you need to download a file on the Internet. So automatically a person can become a subscriber of a paid service prescribed in the contract at the bottom in a small font.

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