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Ways to install ICQ (ICQ)

  • 15 October 2017 - 18:21. Updated

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ICQ, or simply "ICQ" is one of the well-known and popular ways to quickly communicate on the Internet using messages. Currently, this program is less in demand than a few years ago. This happened due to the huge competition of programs for rapid messaging. Skype, a mobile agent have replaced ICQ mail.ru , Talk, etc. with the possibility of free voice and video communication.


However, ICQ is still in demand and the owner of a device with the Android operating system may have questions about its installation.


To install ICQ, you need: a Google account activated on a mobile device with the corresponding Google Android platform, as well as Internet access. If all these conditions are met, then you need to download ICQ by finding it in the search bar of any browser. The slogan for the search may be: "ICQ for Android devices". ICQ is supported by any device with this operating system, starting from version 2.3. For full-fledged communication using ICQ, there are special clients: ICQ Messenger, the application "ICQ", IM+Pro. The choice of a particular client depends on the user's desire and the capabilities of his device.

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