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Reset settings on Android

  • 16 October 2017 - 7:34. Updated

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Why is this necessary?

Mobile devices based on the Android system after flashing or for some other reason may function with errors or perform various operations slowly. In this case, it is possible to eliminate these flaws with the help of a hard reset, or a vape, in another way, a reset of settings.

There are several options for performing a vape reset of all settings.

1) Vape by means of settings is carried out according to the following scheme: "Menu" – "Settings" – "Confidentiality" – "Data reset". Depending on the version of the Android system, there may be another way: "Menu" – "Settings" – "Backup" – "Data Reset". To reset the settings, the system will request confirmation of your actions – you will need to click "OK".

2) Hard reset (vape, cleaning) it can be produced using the service code *2767*3855#. If you enter this code using a regular dialer, a hard reset will be performed almost instantly without requesting confirmation of this action. In this case, all the contents in the device's memory are completely deleted.

3) Through Recovery Mode – a special mode from which the device is flashed. To do this, you need to install CWM (ClockworkMod Recovery), a program necessary for any smartphone that can be found on the Internet for your type of operating system. After installing and running it via  Adb using the Adb Reboot Recovery command, you need to go to the Wipe Data item, select the Factory Reset name and enable it. Now the vape is fully produced. But it is better to entrust this method of cleaning to professionals, because it is carried out only as a last resort, provided that all previous options turned out to be useless. All other methods are available to any novice user - the owner of a mobile device with an Android system.

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