Collaboration With Youtube Channel

Collaboration with our YouTube channel makes it possible to reach an audience:

1) The site's audience of xxx thousand people daily.

2) Audience in the VK social network

3) The audience on the YouTube video hosting

Each video is optimized for PS and search inside the video hosting.


Formats of cooperation:

1. Paid accommodation 

1.1. Prerols. A brief, up to 30 seconds mention of the advertised object in the video.

1.2 Whole rollers. The entire video is dedicated to the advertised object.

1.3 Product placement. Hidden or implicit mention of the advertised object in the video.

2. Cooperation of the channel with the hardware store.

We integrate advertising of your store/service/the site is included in our review when providing equipment for review.

For all questions, write to the mail: advertise (DOG)

To receive a prompt response, specify in the letter:
1. type of placement;
2. a link to the advertised site;
3. the equipment provided for review;
4. examples of placing similar ads on other sites.