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The main direction of the company is the production of GSM phones, which are mainly sold in Russia and Ukraine. Ten years after its foundation, the company introduced the first phone models to the market in 2003. After four years, the Opera browser appears on all the company's cell phones, as well as models with two SIM cards are released. Thanks to the active introduction of new products already in 2008, Fly entered the top five mobile Russian brands. And already in 2013, Fly ousted the famous LG company from the honorable third place in terms of sales of mobile phones.


The model range of the company is constantly expanding, but it is quite difficult to understand the individual categories of products of this brand. Very often, old models are discontinued and replaced with new ones, so it is sometimes difficult for the consumer to navigate the variety of models. Fly belongs to the secondary manufacturers of cell phones, which first appeared on the market in 2003. Despite the fact that at that time there were a lot of brands on the market that sought to gain a foothold in the market, Fly stood out favorably with special advertising support. The first models on the Russian market were women's and were mainly represented by so-called "clamshells". Thanks to lucrative cooperation agreements, Fly has won about two percent of the market in just a couple of years. And today this figure has doubled. Choose a smartphone or tablet and download free games and apps for Fly.