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Android Russification

  • 22 October 2017 - 12:34. Updated

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It happens that you buy a phone or tablet abroad, bring it, turn it on, and it turns out to be in English. There are 2 ways to solve this problem


1 way:


1. Go to the "Main Menu" - "Settings" ("Main Menu" → "Settings")


2. Let's go to "Settings" and find there "Language and keyboard" ("Settings" → "Language and keyboard"




3. Let's go to "Language and keyboard" and select "System Language" there ("Language and keyboard" → "System Language")



4. Next, go to the "System Language" and see if there is "Russian language" ("System Language" → "Russian")

If there is, choose "Russian". In our case, there is no Russian language. Then, if you don't have a Russian language, we go to "Method 2.


Unfortunately, we didn't have Russian, so we immediately switched to "Method 2".



Method 2.


The second method is more difficult, but necessary, because there are simply no other options to solve the problem with the language. Therefore, let's be patient and solve the problem according to our instructions below.


1. Let's go to Play.Google either from your device or from your computer and download the application "MoreLocale 2" (Installing this application will allow you to quickly Russify the device). If you don't know how to download and install apps, read this FAQ.


2. After you have installed the application, go to the "Main Menu" ("Main Menu") and find there an application called "MoreLocale 2"


Main Menu → MoreLocale 2 √ 


3. Go to the application "MoreLocale 2" and find the Russian language there ("Russian") 


"MoreLocale2" → "Russian" √ 


4. Select it. After that, you will see the inscription "Download" on your smartphone. Don't be afraid, the program automatically translates your device (it takes no more than 10 seconds).




As you can see, our menu and everything else has become in Russian. Enjoy your use! 

You can ask questions about Russification of Android devices in the comments to this article!


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