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Pou (Tamagotchi) 1.4.97

Pou is an application popular among owners of Android devices that will help you have an interesting time. It can remind representatives of the generation of the "nineties" of the famous "tamagotchi". Unlike other games representing this genre, Pou has a bright and colorful design, thoughtful gameplay and is less demanding on the resources of a tablet or smartphone.


A funny pet will be at your disposal. He is unlike any living creature on our planet. Most likely, this is an alien from outer space, but despite this, he needs care and care. The user of an Android device just has to take a funny character under his patronage.


You have everything you need to take care of the pupil. You will feed him, dress him in a variety of clothes, entertain him and watch him grow. In addition, the gameplay offers to become a participant in numerous mini-games, get a great mood from them and earn game coins.


The control interface allows you to fully control the gameplay. Large buttons are convenient to use even on small screens of mobile devices. In the new version of the program, the interface is completely Russified, which made it even more understandable for the user.


The installation of the application takes a few minutes, takes place automatically and will not cause difficulties even for a novice user. The program will appeal to fans of life simulators, gamers who like to conduct experiments, players who just want to have fun and cheer up. How to quickly raise the level (LVL) of a character? - One of the options is to feed alternately a white potion with an asterisk and a blue elixir. Take care of a charming game character and cheer up with him! The latest version of the game Pou (Tamagotchi) download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.4.97
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