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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom for Android is an exciting game that fascinates the average user with its simplicity and a lot of interesting features. Your main task in the game will be to grow an adult Tom cat from a completely small kitten. It will grow before your eyes.

You will play with him, feed him and even dress him in a variety of funny clothes. The game My Talking Tom has no analogues in its elegance and gameplay. Funny Tom will become a part of your daily life day after day, because in no case should you forget about him.

Among the key features of the game My Talking Tom for Android, the following can be distinguished:

  • putting the cat in the crib and treating him to treats;
  • a cat can experience different emotions: joy, anger, laughter, crying, hunger, being full;
  • you can create your Tom from more than 1000 combinations of wool, clothing and accessories;
  • integration with the messenger of their social networks;
  • for completed levels, there is an opportunity to receive additional rewards in the form of game coins or new game items.

In general, the game My Talking Tom turned out to be very attractive. It can be mastered by both an experienced gamer and a beginner in this business. It is very interesting to watch the cat, because he will react differently to certain actions that you will perform with him. It is because of such moments that this toy came out rich and interesting, it is definitely worth playing. With ease. You can declare your love to someone, give all the gifts, sing songs or record your own, full of interesting shots, video life story of a cat named Tom. The latest version of the game My Talking Tom download for android.

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