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Around the World in 80 Days 1.4

Around the World in 80 Days is a game loved by many now on the Android platform! The visual design is of an average level, which is quite acceptable for a project of this genre. The situation is repeatedly saved by colorful and fast animations that look really chic. The sound design does not hurt the ear, even for several hours you can listen to it.

There is no control as such, because puzzle games don't really need it. There are no false positives, navigation through the menu is pleasant and not confusing. The project is an Android reincarnation of the popular desktop casual. Both externally and internally, everything has remained unchanged, at least at first glance. The story has not changed – everything is based on the classic work of Jules Verne. Together with the main characters, the gamer will have to visit all corners of the world and return home. Each point of the journey will bring new opportunities and gaming experience.

Genre prog is "3 in a row" - a puzzle classic, but with a somewhat non-standard approach, special "buns" and many others. As a result of such changes, you can just gamble for days, and it does not get boring, like many other creations of "colleagues in the shop". There are a lot of levels in the game, about fifteen are immediately available. The rest will have to be reloaded separately, but it won't take much time.


  • Excellent implementation of the novel, interesting story and gameplay;
  • Not great, but quite nice graphics;
  • The highest playability, much better than other analogues;
  • The simplest installation;
  • 15 levels are immediately available, the rest require downloading;
  • Good optimization.


A wonderful program that will kill many hours of free time for any user. Around the World in 80 days is unpretentious to resources, interesting, simple – what else do you need? The latest version of the logic game Around the World in 80 Days download for android.

Features: Online HD

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  • Game version: 1.4
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  • Game version: 1.3
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