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Batman & The Flash: Hero Run 2.3

In Gotham City, enemies have appeared again who want to take all power into their own hands and enslave the inhabitants. But now there are two heroes here: Batman fights the Joker at night, Flash fights Gorilla Grodd during the day. You can take turns playing for one or the other. Supermen will run through the streets of the city and fight hordes of enemies led by their bosses. You also need to skillfully guide their actions. In the arsenal of heroes there will be new types of weapons with which you can completely destroy gangs of enemies. Race with the enemy, blow up the enemy – make the fights with the Joker and the Gorilla intense and dramatic! Time after time, the strength of your heroes will increase, new weapons and armor will become available to them, and you will be able to unlock unique powers and abilities. Beautiful musical accompaniment and graphic effects will help you feel the realism of what is happening. The latest version of the shooting game Batman & The Flash: Hero Run download for android.

Features: 3D Online Donat

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