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Mini Warriors / Mini Warriors 2.6.0

Mini Warriors is just a bombastic strategy for Android devices. Visually, everything is done in a cool cartoon style. Both the heroes and the map are two–dimensional, but this does not affect the process in any way – on any device and screen, gaming looks just wonderful - it is noticeable that the developers have done a good job. Management is elementary and does not even require training.

All you need to do in this game is to destroy enemies, with ruthless and completely. For this purpose, "wall-to-wall" type fights are implemented. To do this, you can treat more than two hundred different warriors with unique characteristics and heroes. It turns out to be just a great mess, in which it is very important to choose the right units and place them wisely on the battlefield.


In addition, eight types of troops, hundreds of vehicles and combat strategies are available. There really is a place to roam, it's just unreal to be bored. You can fight against real players online, or participate in campaigns. The latter are a little more than four hundred, and about three hundred interesting achievements are given for them. All this raises the playability of the program to the skies. The optimization is high-quality, no bugs were found. The software works shutly and does not strain the system too much.


  • Excellent design: fun and high-quality;
  • Hundreds of heroes, abilities and maps;
  • Cars and other "buns";
  • Battles with other players online and a bunch of campaign maps;
  • A unique system of achievements;
  • Simple operation;
  • Elementary installation;
  • Good optimization.


Mini Warriors is just something, a unique project that has an interesting plot, brings a lot of positivity and does not bother at all. Be sure to download it, it will definitely help you get rid of extra time and enjoy high-quality gaming. The latest version of the strategy Mini Warriors / Mini Warriors download for android.

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