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Glory of Generals HD 1.2.14

Imagine that with the help of a time machine you were transported to the time of the Second World War. Now the future of our world is in your hands. 102 world-famous generals will fight with you. Choose those on whose side you will find yourself. You will take part in 60 military campaigns on four battlefields. Your strategy will be influenced by more than 300 real territories. To win, you need to correctly place troops on the battlefield. A sudden change in the route or the retreat of enemies will make a global change in the outcome of the battle. You will be able to go from soldier to marshal, accumulating medals. Hire officers in order to use diverse experience, compete with online players. To make the game as productive as possible, a three-level tutorial is available to you. Remember that the adoption of auto-consistent technologies will increase the chances of finding the enemy. You will love the realism, versatility of the game, its visual and sound effects! The latest version of the strategy Glory of Generals HD download for android.

Features: Online HD Multiplayer

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