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FarmVille 2 Rural Retreat 20.0.7759

A new FarmVille game is waiting for you — especially for mobile devices! In the new FarmVille, everything is tailored to you — play as you like. Besides, it's free! Farm in your own mode — whether you have 30 seconds or half an hour of time. Play with or without friends, in the new anonymous mode: no Facebook connection required. You can play even without an Internet connection. Join a farmer's union to trade and share goods; embark on farming adventures and find rare items. Now FarmVille can be played anytime... anywhere. Besides, it's free!

• PREPARE a variety of baked goodies like the classic rustic apple pie
• HARVEST unique cereals, juicy fruits and vegetables
• DECORATE your farm house as your heart desires
• FIND hidden and rare valuables by mastering your new farm by the sea
• BREED a variety of adorable animals
• MAKE a garden on the shore of the beautiful blue sea and decorate everything with flowers
• GET to KNOW the new history of FarmVille, in which exciting farming adventures await you
• BUILD a new flourishing family farm on the seashore where you can welcome all your friends
• FISH with neighboring farmers and sell your catch at the Pike Pier
• TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with players from all over the world
• RETIRE to the seashore and connect to the Facebook farm to send water there for free
• COMPETE with others by promoting your alliance to the top of the global rankings The latest version of the game FarmVille 2 Rural Retreat download for android.

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