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Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE 1.7

I was a wandering wolf. Once before meeting the great leader of the wolf pack who saved me from the evil wolves... now my story begins to become the leader of the wolf pack. The game shows how a wandering wolf will become a member of a wolf pack led by the leader of the great wolf, the missions include all the actions necessary to create in a wolf pack. There will be learning, ranging from a small test to become a member of a wolf pack, to learning the survival/hunting method. And you will also hunt in a team of wolves.


Sometimes they fight a predator alone, but if the predator is stronger, they will fight in a team. If you want to experiment with the life of real wolves, now we invite you. The latest version of the game Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.7
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