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Storm of Magic 1.4.1

Great upheavals are coming in the beautiful, magical world of Londerol. The hour of fulfillment of the prophecy is approaching. Just about, legions of darkness will pour into this bright world.But the merciful gods are giving humanity another chance. Heroes appear among people who are ready to fearlessly stand up for good and justice. Master of Magic Farian and his student Alex embark on a long and dangerous journey to gain knowledge, strength and, of course, new friends.

You are given a unique opportunity to become a disciple of Farian and contribute to the history of the kingdom of Londerol. Protect the shores of the empire from pirates, uncover the conspiracy of the barons and save the charming Princess Ellakriel! Fight against bloodthirsty orc clans and get dwarven gold! On the tops of great mountains, in the depths of caves and in the heat of hot deserts, find ancient spells to apply them in the great battle with the legions of the demon Richdash!


Go the hard way from a student to a great magician, having studied all the spells of summoning towers and magic! Turn the demons into dust and win the love of the princess! Try your hand at the testing grounds of the "Survival" mode and become the record holder of the Academy of Magicians! Fight desperately, bravely and decisively! Open all the chapters of the chronicle of Londerol! Go down in history as a great magician, hero!



- A fascinating story about the glorious kingdom of Londerol, amazing landscapes and fantastic impressions of the popular TD genre!
- Three game modes: CAMPAIGN with three difficulty levels, CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL!
- CAMPAIGN: 14 perfectly balanced levels of fierce battles with hordes of invaders, requiring you to develop a clever strategy and tactics!
- CHALLENGES: Exciting puzzle tasks with a short game session. Each section includes 21 tasks. The use of 8 types of tasks brings variety to the gameplay.
- SURVIVAL: 4 unique maps where you just have to try to survive being attacked by countless hordes of merciless enemies!
- 8 magic towers, each of which has 5 unique stages of improvement!
- 4 super towers: Dwarf Tower, Hell Tower, Thunder Tower and Golem Tower!
- 5 elemental spells, each of which has 5 unique stages of improvement!
- More than 25 types of ground and air enemies (orcs, demons, monsters, mechanisms, etc.)!
- The option to reset the game progress, as well as the ability to reset the spell improvements in order to choose a new strategy!
- Amazing music and sounds!
- Global highscore lists and a creative approach to the achievement system!
- Multi-language support! The latest version of the strategy Storm of Magic download for android.

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