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IQ tests — intelligence and logic 1.6.3

Professional collection of tests for the intelligence quotient (IQ) in Russian.


In the application you will be able to pass: IQ test. The first multivariate IQ test that gives the most reliable and real results. You will get the most objective assessment. Every time you pass the test, you will answer new questions!

You will also be able to pass:
A verbal test.
Visual-spatial test.
Numerical test.


Each of the tests will help you evaluate your logic and true IQ level! IQ test is a sure opportunity to test your level of intelligence. Find out if you are smarter than Albert Einstein or dumber than George W. Bush. Disputes, debates, discussions — all this can be left to the employees of the housing department. The IQ test is the most honest dialogue with yourself. But whether to brag about the test result or hide it from your friends is up to you personally. The latest version of the logic game IQ tests — intelligence and logic download for android.

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