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Wonder Wood 1.0.17

What a mess the malware has made in the Magic Forest! We can't do without you – remove all this stuff from the clearing and help the animals! The worm is hungry, the sparrow has nowhere to live, the hares want to have a hare.... Save the forest fairy tale!


Poor forest dwarf! Insidious malware made a mess in his clearing and scared away all its inhabitants. All hope is on you: drive away the malware, clean up the mess and re-populate the clearing with animals. The animals will require careful care: you will have to pick up and grow food for each picky animal to taste and build houses in which the animals can retire to bring offspring. Equip a clearing, collect resources in a Magical forest, feed and breed animals, make sure that their houses remain clean and cozy, and a gnome — a jack—of-all-trades - will help you with this. Don't forget that the malware is still hiding in the forest and be on your guard!



- A unique game space that reproduces the atmosphere of a fabulous forest.
- Many different forest animals and birds.
- Hours-long gameplay.
- Addictive gameplay suitable for all ages.
- A variety of landscape elements and lots of decorations for the clearing: build your own Magical forest!


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  • Game version: 1.0.17
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