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Well, wait! MY CHILDHOOD 2016.1

A clone of the most famous and popular portable electronic game with a liquid crystal screen "Well, wait!" ("Electronics 24-01", "Electronics IM-02"). Controlling the main character (the Wolf from the cartoon "Well, wait!"), it is necessary to catch as many eggs in the basket as possible, which roll down four trays. One point is awarded for each caught egg. If the egg is broken, one penalty point is awarded. If at the moment of the egg falling, the Wolf was distracted by a Hare, then half of the penalty point is awarded. When three penalty points are reached, the game ends. When 200 and 500 points are reached, penalty points are burned.
In "Game A", eggs are rolled simultaneously from three trays, and in "Game B" - from four. During the game, the speed of rolling eggs and the number of simultaneously falling eggs increases. The latest version of the arcade Well, wait! MY CHILDHOOD download for android.

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