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Russian Winter Traffic Racer 1.19

Russian Winter Traffic Racer is a driving simulator in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter. Take a ride on a legendary Russian car on a snow-covered highway, overtaking car traffic and try to cope with driving in extreme road conditions. An abundance of settings allow you to customize the control of the car from the simplest to the most complex and realistic. The game has a dynamic change of day and night, so you can drive at any time of the day. There are four cars to choose from: the legendary Russian "kopek" (VAZ 2101), two sports cars and an SUV pickup truck.

Features :

- Nice graphics;
- Realistic physics;
- Change of time of day;
- 4 cars with a view from the cab;
- Two modes: "Simulator" and "Arcade". The latest version of the racing game Russian Winter Traffic Racer download for android.

Features: 3D

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