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Swing Copters 1.2.1

Swing Copters is a seemingly simple game application for Android that will require maximum concentration and attention from the user. The Swing Copters game differs from similar arcades in a more thoughtful gameplay, undemanding to the "stuffing" of a smartphone or tablet. Without a doubt, this is a great way to have fun.


The hero of the game is a funny creature with a propeller on its head. A kind of modern Carlson. The task of the character is to fly up as high as possible, avoiding obstacles in the form of platforms, dodging swinging hammers and getting medals to unlock the next levels. In total, in order to move to the next level, you will need to earn four medals.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated. But this is only at first glance. The main character moves fast enough, the hammers swing at high speed and in order to overcome all the traps and obstacles, you will need an excellent reaction speed. Controlling the movement of a game character is extremely simple. To do this, it is enough to move your finger across the display of the mobile Android device or tilt the device in the desired direction. The toy requires loading the cache. How to do it?


To get started, download the ".apk" file to your computer, and also download the cache suitable for your device. Then connect the card reader or the device directly to the PC using, for example, a USB cable. After that, you need to move the cache to the memory of your smartphone or tablet to the desired folder. Disconnect the device from the computer and run the installation file, if everything is done correctly, then in a couple of minutes it will be possible to proceed with the passage of the plot.


The presented program will appeal to arcade fans, fans of games with simple and unpretentious graphics, but fascinating gameplay. Rate the game application "to the fullest" and enjoy it. The funny character is already ready to hit the road! The latest version of the shooting game Swing Copters download for android.

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