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Guess the word - puzzles 1.1.8

The proposed form of the puzzle, namely, a rebus, is ideal not only for adults, but also will interest a children's audience. The player is given a task, the essence of which is to unravel a word or phrase. This very word or phrase is encrypted in consecutive figures, numbers, letters. If you say a combination of all the signs out loud, you should get a word or phrase that you had to guess.

In fact, everything is simpler than in the explanation, just try it once. For example, you need to guess the word. On the screen you see the letter G and a picture of a flower, namely a rose. The letter G in combination with the word ROSE will make up the word THUNDERSTORM, which will be the solution to this puzzle. Or another example. BO and the drawing of the barrel. It is elementary and clear that the word BUTTERFLY will be the answer.
Throughout the game, the player is provided with many puzzles of varying complexity. In this game there will be no time to be bored by either a beginner or an experienced professional, because the number of levels and puzzles is huge, depending on the skills of the player.
This game can and should be shown to children, because it promotes the development of logical thinking in children, the ability to think, analyze and solve. And, as you know, abstract and logical thinking develops many times faster in the form of a game than tedious and boring classes not in a playful form.

Additionally, the player is provided with two hints for each riddle, in case there were difficulties and it turned out to be difficult to guess the riddle.


1. It should be noted that absolutely everything in the game is available in Russian.
2. It is free, without any registration, which saves both time and money.
3. There are 12 levels and 241 rebuses available here. An impressive number!There will be something to do for beginners in puzzles and pros.
4. An additional bonus is two hints for each rebus, moreover, they are also free.
5. Detailed statistics for fans not just to play, but also to track statistics, failures and successes.  The latest version of the logic game Guess the word - puzzles download for android.

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