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Haunted Empire-Wake of Death 1.1.12

RPG, with a thrilling plot that will tell you a great story about spirits and brave warriors. Evil ghosts who came to ancient China stole the girl of a brave knight, and now he will need to gather his friends and go in search of his bride. Start your journey right now, choose a suitable character from the list and start memorable fights for a long time. Gather all the characters into one team and direct their united power against terrible demons, ghosts and the dead. Summon loyal henchmen to your aid and create huge legions and strong coalitions to fight other users in the arena.

You will see:

  • An ancient city untouched by evil. This is where the adventure begins.
  • Use the help of friends: a big fighter who has a giant club and a fragile girl who has a long halberd. Use the battle formation correctly.
  • A group of fierce rebels are also your enemies. Collect all the weapons, take possession of your father's old sword and find strength
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  • Game version: 1.1.12
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