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Asphalt: Chase / Asphalt: Overdrive 1.2.0k

The first spin-off of the famous Asphalt series. You are waiting for a tooth-crushing arcade racing action and police chases through California during the new eighties!

 Discover 30 powerful fully licensed cars, among which there are even the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa!

- Upgrade your car and conquer the streets of California
- Challenge yourself in 7 different types of tasks: police chases, boss races, slalom and jaw-dropping stunts during the races!


- The scenic highways of Southern California are waiting for you - they are created for speed
- Soft atmosphere of the new eighties
- Stunning special effects, real-time lighting calculation and particle effects


- Connect to Facebook to play with friends
- Join a gang, team up with friends and complete exciting weekly tasks together!
- Keep track of your progress and show off your achievements by taking new places in the League Championships
- Participate in blitz actions, gang races and League actions, making your way to the heights of glory!

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