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WWII Final: Strategy and Tactics 1.0.44

Continuation of the anti-casual turn-based strategy Strategy and Tactics: WWII. The game no longer has historically predetermined missions and a limit of moves. Lead the army of one of the European countries and try to lead it to victory in World War II.

You can play with the preservation of real-life political alliances and, for example, leading the USSR, together with the Western allies, destroy Germany, or you can turn off alliances and celebrate victory on the ruins of London. The random event generation system (guerrilla movement, amphibious landings, volunteer recruitment, etc.) will provide additional replayability and uniqueness of each party, turning it into your own unique story.


• Accurate maps of Europe and Asia with more than 950 regions

• 4 types of ships: battleship, cruiser, submarine, destroyer

• infantry, aviation, artillery, armored vehicles, navy – choose what you will bring to your knees opponents

• decide for yourself where to spend resources from the occupied territories: to increase the army or to develop science The latest version of the strategy WWII Final: Strategy and Tactics download for android.

Features: HD For boys Donat

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  • Game version: 1.0.44
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